January 2021 Lifestyle

alwaysampersand.com to Now…

If you’ve been here for a while, or even if you just read my last blog, you’d know about alwaysampersand. Little, 23 year old me, wanted nothing more than to “make it big” on the internet. Ya’ll.

As I switched over to jenfairbanks.com today, I had to go through my previous media uploads from anything uploaded onto the internet for my blog in the last five and a half years. Today, I’m going to share with you some of the more… interesting things I had on my blog in the last few years. The good, the bad, and the ugly. A lot of ugly.

The “announcement photos”, in August 2015, to tell you that I was indeed a blogger. If you couldn’t tell by my TJ Maxx outfits, my desire to wear stripes, and the god awful pleather clutch, I am a blogger.

In 2015, I thought the only way that I could convince you that I belonged, was by posting these weird aesthetic shots. I mean, these are definitely cohesive and you absolutely want to buy a bundt cake now, right?

It’s abundantly clear that I have a problem with taking pictures of flowers. Can’t stop. Won’t stop. There’s no more details here, except that I’m going to always post pictures of flowers, because unlike the weird layout pictures above, these are aesthetically pleasing.

Every few months, I’d like to throw in that I have an interesting life, by showing that I was affiliated with radio, and I got to meet celebrities. Seeing these makes me pray that you fucking idiots can wear your mask and we can go to concerts in 2021.

There is a lot of me trying very hard to be an influencer… Rule Number One: NEVER under any circumstance, look at the camera. If you do, you lose your influence.

Lastly, There are a lot of pictures in my media storage where I was thirty pounds lighter than I am now. If nothing else, these pictures, and the others from my past, will provide tons of motivation while I achieve for the sixty seventh time, healthy body this year.

In conclusion, none of these are going to end in 2021. Stay tuned for striped outfit photoshoots, bad aesthetic pictures, lots of flowers, hopefully live music, my *influence* in real time, and this bawdy comin’ in hot.

Thank you for reliving the past 5 years of my blogging. Here’s to the next five!

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