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Twenty-Twenty One Goals

Happy January First! I decided to hit the ground running, clearly, by erasing five years of blogging and starting all the way at square one. Before I hid the past blogs from the world, I browsed a few of them, and my favorites were the ones where I talked about my goals for the year. Mainly because my biggest life problem is creating unattainable goals for myself. (Hence, the failure of that 80-Medium Challenging bullshit that I tried to do the last few months on JenSalisbury.com) I mean literally, my goals for 2020 were bananas.

Let’s talk last year…

In 2020, I was going to pay off all my credit card debt, which I did, but also filled that bitch up again. Pay off $8,000 of school loan debt, was goal #2. As if I was somewhere going to magically find an extra $8,000… In fact, I stopped paying all together for the last nine months. Another goal was to track WW consistently for three months, which I did, that wasn’t hard, and I handled that. Lose 35 pounds, was my “small goal” knowing that I wanted to truly lose like 50. I did not lose either, 35 or 50 pounds…Goal #5 was to make $2,500 on my blog… I got close, but I’ll know near taxes exactly how close. The pandemic didn’t help with content creation, that’s for sure. Then, we got to travel goals. Goal #6, 7, & 8… Visit two new places, see my parents four times, and go visit Colorado five times. I die. I saw Colorado once, I visited to get signed divorce papers, I never even got to go visit Ellie… I saw my parents once, and some people didn’t even get to do that. As for new places? I went to Eaton, Ohio one day. Blog once per week and stay happy were goals #9 & 10. I blogged nine times all year in 2020. So once per 1.3 months… and the happy thing… I would say the year was 75% happy. Thanks Pandemic, you ruined my goals!!!! (It was definitely not my fault at all, I will blame Donald Trump for being president, and the global pandemic…)

Onto 2021…

This month’s goals were written in a planner, a week before the new year, because I’ve been feeling myself with the manifestation thing lately, so I was on top of it. Here are my Manifestation Goals of 2021:

  1. Healthy Body
  2. Abundant Blessings
  3. Solid Relationships
  4. Full Bank Account
  5. Sound Mind

That’s it. I simply manifest my best life, and know that I’m deserving of all of it. And while I know the steps of manifestation include speaking as if you already have the things that you want, there are steps needed to take to achieve these things.

My healthy body will come from drinking more water, utilizing the program iTrackBites, and visiting Planet Fitness. My abundant blessings will be found in the little choices I make, daily, that will add up to big blessings. Solid relationships will come from surrounding myself with friends, family, and people who lift me up and not bring me down. Piggy backing on that, I won’t allow people to dim my light. They either add to it, or let me shine on my own. A full bank account obviously comes from my job, finding something that helps make more money, and making better money decisions (i.e. not ordering from DoorDash six times per week, even if you have DashPass). Having a sound mind, for myself, looks like having control over my anxiety and depression. Working out, spending time with friends, and eliminating negative stressors will help to do so.

I swear, I have to be the most excited person on the planet for the new year. I have been this way my entire life. It’s this belief that I hold, that makes me feel like whatever happened before today, doesn’t matter. 2020 was a shitty year for the entire world, and it was still the best year of my life, but I’m ready to let go.

Today’s the first day of the year, and I spent it revamping my blog, in sweatpants, with my dogs, while watching football. Tomorrow, I’m spending time with my best friend, just to spend time together. Sunday I’ll get my life together before Monday, where I’ll go into a routine including working out, eating healthy, and working long days. It’s almost like, January 1st renews my spirit, and my soul, and makes me believe that my world can be filled with good things, and that it will happen for me.

Happy Savage Year, Everyone…

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