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2021 Goals- Check-in #1

So, I started off 2021 with the best intentions. I mean truly, as I mentioned in my first post, I’m the queen of loving a new year. I always believe in the magic of a fresh start, and everything that comes with it. Then, January was actin’ real foolish, and I’d gotten stuck again in a whole bunch of cycles that we’re benefitting me. But, in order to fully grow and change this year, we’re takin’ a look at the 2021 goals I had set for myself, and measuring progress…

  1. Healthy Body
  2. Abundant Blessings
  3. Solid Relationships
  4. Full Bank Account
  5. Sound Mind

Healthy Body

Well. I made it exactly 5 months without a scale being a part of my life. Truthfully, I wanted to know if I had gained weight in the back half of 2020, when I didn’t have one. I also wanted to go back to my *obsession* with using the scale to track my progress… (not really) I will say, that while I spent a lot of January stressed out about the world around me, I did make a priority to take care of myself, at least a little. In January I lost 17 pounds, putting me around the weight I was when I originally moved to Indiana. (Or something close to that) At this point, I’m trying to continue, and couple it with more weight training sessions so that I can get snatched.

Abundant Blessings

I mean, I feel like January was a full shit show, reality TV, where’s the hidden cameras type of moment… And while, maybe today, I won’t say that things are incredible and amazing, I do know that I’m very blessed. I have my own home, a job, a nice car, and I take care of myself. I don’t think I have the most of anything, but I’m also not lacking anything. I have my life, pretty together, so for that, I’m blessed.

Solid Relationships

L-O-freaking-L. I mean, I’d like to say I have all of these solid relationships, but I don’t. I have a fantastic relationship with my family, and my close circle consisting of about four friends, and then… yeah… that’s about it. I’m making new connections in my life, so we are growing in that aspect, a bit, and it’s been pretty fun to invite new people into my heart and soul.

Full Bank Account

Rome wasn’t built in a day. That’s it, that’s the paragraph.

Sound Mind

This is just like the bank account one. Being back on Cymbalta, and focusing on getting enough sleep, and getting to the gym, has been pretty helpful in the last couple weeks, but a sound mind isn’t going to happen overnight. I mean, it was less than a month ago that I was rolling around, being a hot mess at rock bottom… Another thing that has helped is social connection, spending time with friends & even trying to meet new people, it gets me out of my head a little bit and it’s been super nice.

I’d say, overall, I’m “on my way” to hitting these goals. Getting a raise is going to help with my money, and paying off my debts… Working on myself and for myself with help with that sound mind and healthy body… Continuing to surround myself with good people, is going to naturally create stronger, solid relationships… & lastly, the continued support and love from the people around me, and from God shows me that I’m filled with abundant blessings.

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