February 2021 Fitness

Fat(ish) to Fit(ish)

This is a two week, pre-Miami, challenge that I’ve decided to put together for myself, for no reason other than I’m going to Miami, and it’s not Indiana weather, and I really need a vacation, and I need to get snatched & fast.

Truthfully, I don’t really care about my weight, or my size, really deep down. I know that in two weeks, it’s unrealistic to expect my pants size to drop, or me to turn into a Victoria’s Secret model. I also know that in two weeks, progress is possible, if you push yourself. So, that’s what I’m going to do, I’m going to push myself.

Here’s the thing, in January, depression and the gym had me down seventeen unrealistic pounds. I’ve since gained about three back, which is totally fine, because I’m happy and eating again. But I’ve also been slacking on the gym the last couple of weeks because I’m happy again, and with that, busy and making plans and doing things.

So, I think it’s time for a challenge…


Each day will be within my allotted points on iTrackBites (the poor person’s WW). That means no crazy cheat days, for just two weeks. Along with that, I’m limited my meals outside of the home to be twice a week. That let’s me still spend time with people, but not rely on fast food & restaurant meals to fill my diet.


Two hours per day, for the next sixteen days. That’s only 32 hours of gym time. Sometimes I go to the gym, and I’m bored after thirty minutes, so I chalk it up to “one of those days” and go home. I always say “some workout is better than no workout” but not for this challenge. I need to push myself to my limits. I mean, after all the NFL players in Miami need to invite me on their boats somehow. Can someone say *more squats please*? (This is a joke…)


Lastly, in this challenge, I’m going to focus heavily on my mindset as I go through it. Life’s been pretty good lately, thanks to my rocks (insert winky face here), my brain feeling better, and knowing that I can’t control everything. With that being said, I’ve just got to make sure I stay on that track, and push myself to be great.

See you in sixteen days, wish me luck!

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