Fitness March 2021

Fat(ish) to Fit(ish) UPDATE

Two weeks (sixteen days), is not a long time to see progress. In fact, I think they tell you that it takes 21 days to form a habit, and then there’s some Dan & Shay song about 10,000 hours being something about memorizing things… I’m not sure. All I know is that in sixteen days, I pushed my ass in the gym, I tried to eat better than normal, and I loved on myself all throughout.

As far as weight on the scale goes, I’ve measured my progress each of the 16 days, and it’s been in between three pounds up and down each day. So, realistically, I probably didn’t gain or lose anything during this time, but my endurance (as I almost died on the stair stepper for an hour) has increased for sure.

I also noticed that I don’t get mad if I want to “treat myself” to something (AKA Reese’s Eggs are in stores now), because overall, I’m eating and treating my body better. Most importantly, I tried on bikinis for the vacation I leave for (this morning), and I liked how I looked in them. So, overall, maybe the scale didn’t change and maybe I’m always going to love eating, but my hot ass is ready for a beach vacation!

Hasta La Vista Indiana!

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