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Three Days in Las Vegas

I used to say that Scottsdale, Arizona was my favorite place on earth. The desert, the palm trees, and everything in between. Then, I found it’s sister, just a few hours away. Enter, Las Vegas. When you think of Vegas, it’s safe to say you think of dirty women and men, all pretty drunk, and a lot of nudity. I mean, that’s not totally wrong, but just off the strip, there’s some pretty amazing things to do in Las Vegas. And, I love it here.

Day One: Spent on The Strip. Let’s just get the main part of Vegas “out of the way”. The strip is home to hundreds of restaurants, over 50 hotels, and so many different shows and experiences, plus- casinos. Whether you’re staying on, or off, the strip, you’re going to want to give yourself some time to see what each hotel has to offer. Most of the hotels have a theme, and even if you aren’t planning to gamble at the casino, it’s worth the walk through just to see what’s at each major hotel. New York, New York is a mini New York City, The Luxor is inside of a pyramid, and Paris, The Venetian, and The Bellagio are all based off European cities. There are hotels old and new, each with it’s own little thing to make it special. Many Las Vegas restaurants have famous head chefs (and with famous price tags), but there are also chain restaurants on the strip that bring Vegas into their store. Taco Bell Cantina has alcoholic Baja Blasts in a bunch of flavors, and there’s even a White Castle… in a castle. Plus, there’s shopping everywhere, and the nightlife is unmatched. Females… You can get into any party by posting while you’re in Vegas using the #Vegas hashtag on social media. There are people who’s jobs are to bring people to their locations to buy drinks, so you can get in to a lot of places for FREE. Give it a shot once you’re there (Covid Free).

Now it’s time to take you away from the strip a little bit. Let me mention that downtown Las Vegas, is a quick drive (buy the bus pass, it’s worth it) from the strip, and basically an older version of the strip itself. There’s casinos, street performers, and a whole bunch of non-sense. I don’t normally take a lot of pictures when I’m down there, because of it’s weird nudity, but trust me, going to downtown is an experience.

Day Two: Seven Magic Mountains & Red Rock Canyon. Two of the best “quick trips” from the strip come in the form of a bunch of rocks. Seven Magic Mountains is about forty minutes from the Las Vegas strip, and it’s seven painted rock sculptures. It’s pretty awesome, worth the drive, and a great photo opportunity. Red Rock Canyon may be my favorite place ever. As you can see below, I’ve been there three times, and posed the same every single time… It’s got walking and hiking trails, gorgeous rock formations, and if you go at the right time of year there’s some animals you can see too! You can also just do the drive around, you don’t even have to get out of you car. Warning, currently they’re taking reservations to be COVID friendly, and it’s $10 to get into the park! (Worth it) After the hiking, you’ll probably be tired, so Doordash some dinner, and relax for the night.

Day Three: Rest & Relaxation at a pool until Night Time. One thing that I love about Vegas, is the weather. Fortunately, it’s always been at least 50+ degrees on my visits (though that’s cold for Vegas) Most hotels have a pool for their guests, so take a day to relax with your hotel’s amenities, and recoup. (I stay at my parents, so I don’t generally use a pool, instead I’m outside in their yard to get as much vitamin D as poosible) Once it gets dark, step out onto the strip and find a lit up dinner spot (may I suggest In N Out? I do get it a grand total of 4+ times every time I visit), and then buy tickets to the High Roller. For about $30 per person, you can ride in a giant Ferris Wheel (that had little pods you can move around in), and you can see the entire Vegas area. It’s a great value, and fun to see everything lit up. They also have a zipline on the strip, and one in downtown, which are also close to the $30 price point. Plenty to do to save a few dollars if you don’t want to pay $100 or more for a show!

Genuinely, Vegas is just a perfect three day trip for anyone. Families can find things to do, a group of girlfriends who need a get together, or couples who just want to get away from the world for a few days. There’s tons to do, see, and experience for everyone!

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