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Botox Journey- Christopher Jones MD

I’ve been told I’m *high maintenance*. Truly, I thought that because I didn’t know what contour was, and don’t get my hair done, that I was low maintenance. But apparently, getting my nails done, having a skin care routine, spray tanning, getting massages and adding the most incredible thing to my self care, makes me high maintenance… That thing? Botox. (I have a partnership with Christopher Jones MD, where I do not pay for my services in exchange for honest reviews on my social media and blog)

Ya’ll… I was offered Botox back in October and was terrified. I didn’t want to look plastic, didn’t want needles in my face, and didn’t think I was someone who needed Botox. After my offer, I started noticing things… The lines in my forehead were there without facial expressions, and when I furrowed my brows there were deep lines that joined my face together. My smile, while beautiful, created many creases in the corners of my eyes. I know all of these lines are a result of the life I’ve lived, and the memories I’ve made, but I was noticing them so much more often than before.

So I started doing research. I mean, was I going to be able to get Botox without looking like a contestant on the show Botched? I was sure that I’d be the only person who would get it, and regret it. My best friend Jessica told me repeatedly that she wanted to get Botox, and a lip flip, and all of these things and after listening to her talk about the amazing things that Botox could do, I caved. Online research made it clear that this is safe, effective, and not permanent. So, realistically, if I hated it, it was a three month contract and then I could be out.

Taylor is a dream come true, at Christopher Jones M.D. in Indianapolis, and she can walk you through all of your concerns (and is pretty incredible at telling you the real when it comes to Botox). For example, Jess wanted some Botox in her jaw for her TMJ and clenching, and Taylor explained to her that she wouldn’t need the full set, instead just wanted to do a half set. She didn’t push her to buy more just to make a sale, instead they talked through her jaw clenching, and found a middle ground that would help her. She told us the length of time it’d take to see results (5-7 days), and how each unit would help each area on our faces.

Well, after my 47 units, I was officially addicted. While 47 units sounds pretty insane, as if I’m filling my face with Botox, that’s a typical amount for your forehead and eye area. (They really wanted to lip flip me, and I was too afraid to put anything near my mouth.) Jess got 60-something units, but did her forehead like me, and also did a lip flip and her jaw.

Would I do it again? Hell yes. I’m going to do it again and again and again, and probably will continue to add Botox to my face until you can ice skate on my forehead. Also, let’s double back to Taylor for a second… She told me I had perfect eyebrows that are currently trendy. Wanna know why? Because I’ve never touched them. So while all you middle school girls were plucking your faces in 2004, I just let it ride, and now look, I’m finally trendy.

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