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The Book That Changed My Life

Preface: This book has a lot of pictures that make up nearly 1/3 of the book. I will not be sharing those pictures, as to keep the integrity of the book as well as respect both the author and reader.

I’m frequent on the Sophie Kinsella type of romantic comedy novels. Rarely, do I pick up what’s considered a self-help book, or anything other than something with the “fairy tale happy ending”. I’d gotten wrapped into the spiritual side of Tik Tok, and saw this book often, as I’d scroll through the app. One day, a girl said something along the lines of “when it’s your time to read it, the book would find you”. Away I swiped the video, because if it was meant to be read, I’d find it- right?

About a month later, in an Indianapolis crystal shop, it popped into my head. As we walked towards the book section, I couldn’t remember the name, but described it to Ashleigh. On the shelf was “Be Here Now” by Ram Dass, and the only copy. It found us, and I knew I wasn’t leaving without it.

I started reading it just hours later. The book is set up in three parts. The first is Ram’s history. He talks about working for Harvard, meeting people, taking psychedelics, and ending up across the world with a guru who taught him to strip his life down to the soul, and really learn what you’re living for. While I’m not enthralled with the idea of reaching enlightenment through psychedelics, it was very interesting to read about a man who focused heavily on “things”, giving it all up to sleep on hard ground, in turn, grounding himself and learning who the core being of himself was.

The middle part of the book, is considered the “Core Book”, lots of scribbled drawings that bring you closer to your own consciousness. I read through some of the pages four times. It’s constantly thought provoking, and makes you really deeply question yourself or what is “you”. Talking through loving the divine mother, your own personal metamorphosis, what Jesus meant when he said to walk with him, and all of the in between. There’s pages and pages filled with things that poke your brain, and make you think deeper about being in the exact spot you are, at that exact time. It’s fascinating when you see the artistry that accompanies the words.

The third part of the book is to be the “Cookbook for a scared life”. It’s the action piece on the reader. Oh good God of rocks, there’s a lot of information in these pages. It’s so beyond the normal level of comprehension, and it really pulls on your soul and gives you all of these guidelines to truly living. Simple things, that you can do everyday to keep yourself mindful for the world or search your soul deeply. As well as crazy things, like moving to India, selling everything you own, and following a guru. Obviously, some things aren’t viable to happen right now, but at least it’s something you can read to see the call of enlightenment…


So, how did the book change my life? First, it’s in the title. Be. Here. Now. I am this person, who’s way too focused on “what’s next” or “what’s happened already”, that I’m often times lost on the moment that I’m in. I miss out on great memories, and amazing things that have happened, because I’m far too focused on what could happen in the future, or how I reacted to what’s already happened. Reading this book has made me so much more present. I’m working on blogs, at the gym, with friends, and really focusing on the moments that I’m in. Incredible.

Second, the book talks heavily about letting things happen to you and for you, and not giving the world’s situations the satisfaction of burning you. So, if someone ditches plans with you, you find something else to fill that time, or you take that as a sign that there’s something else you’re supposed to do with your energy. I’ve always gotten far too hurt by people’s words and actions towards me, and letting those things burn me, that now I kinda just let it roll. If someone wants to spend time with me, they sure can, and they will make time just like I will.

Lastly, and very importantly, this book has helped open me spiritually to the world. The book talks about many different religions, as well as no religion at all. As you read it, you notice a lot of similarities in what different religions are teaching, and the way that we can respect and protect, as well as practice things from a lot of different regions in the world. The whole world doesn’t actually have to be against each other. I’ve been really interested in manifesting, the alignment of my chakras and the way that crystals can help spirituality, and it kind of all started after reading about it in this book. (And let me tell you, there are some crazy yoga poses, but there’s also some intense self-realization that happens, and a lot of deep searching and recognizing in your own mind, that you will find as you go through the book)

Ram Dass (who wasn’t Ram Dass his entire life) found a way to write about his enlightenment, so that people who are living so earthly can understand it. It’s pretty interesting, super eye opening, and very self-realizing. Also, if you’re reading this blog… here’s your sign to read the book.

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