April 2021 Lifestyle

Self Love, Self Care & Self Realization

Hi Friends!

Oh my gosh, life has been a full whirlwind recently. I just went back and read my “catch up” with the world for March and holy sweet baby mother of Jesus, to watch yourself grow so much in like eight weeks is insanity.

Let’s see, First, I still talk to rocks. Or at least, I’m still in tune with my spirituality. I know that the rocks hold vibes (lol) that make it easier to “attract” the things you need, or the things that hold a higher purpose for you, or at least that’s what I believe (and I believe it because it’s working)… I also got the “Tik Tok trendy” moldavite. Basically, it’s a rock that removes blocks and things that keep you from achieving what’s meant for you. They say not to purchase it until you’re really ready for a spiritual transformation, and I decided to be an idiot and play around with the universe. I picked it up after purchasing it, and it burned my hand. Shit was hot, I was in shock, and I literally sat there wondering how a rock just starts on fire in someone’s hand?! (a metaphorical fire) Anyways, I don’t know, but apparently the universe does, and all I can tell you is Google says that can happen and it did. So then, like a fucking psychopath I meditated with it, and cried for four hours. It wasn’t going well at this point… Then, I started a family fight, and got blocked by my aunt on social media. Then, I got entangled in manifestation, and changed my entire life’s mindset. Though it was a rough start with that little baby rock that costs way more than it should have, I’d say it’s 10/10, & would recommend for all of your transformational needs.

Back up a sentence to manifesting, and buckle up. I’ve become so enthralled with the act of creating your best life, by simply believing that you are currently living that life, that I’ve transformed myself over the course of twenty days. Twenty. Days. Now, manifesting isn’t easy. It’s not writing spells on paper, or chanting to the full moon, or any of the bullshit that is commonly thrown at you by social media, and it’s certainly not letting the universe guide you. No, that’s not it. It’s more “I know that this is who I am, and this is where I want to be, so I’m there, and everything is working for me”. Just like I’ve explained with me talking to rocks, unless your in it, you don’t necessarily get it, and that’s okay. I’ve sent no less than 14 videos to friends, pushed people to believe in themselves to achieve their goals, but I just sound like the “woo woo” friend, so I try to keep it mostly inside, or on a completely public internet platform… (Hi…lol)

Speaking of friends, In the last eight weeks, I’ve seen a total flip in my relationships in my life as a whole. Things that weren’t progressing, (or didn’t for like a year, my bad) are super progressing (and God Bless America for that, cause I’m ready), my friendships continue to deepen, I’ve become unbelievably close with my boss, and I’m constantly surrounded by people who want the best for me, and I want the same for them. A solid support system is so important, and I’m truly so thankful for the people I have in my life right now.

I still love my job, I still love to Doordash, I still want to go on vacation every fifteen minutes, and I still really enjoy life. I get my second COVID vaccine on Wednesday. I sometimes spray tan, just for fun, because #selfcare. I rearranged a shelf last week, because that seemed like a good thing to do in the moment, and as you can tell, my life is just full of adventure. I paid a deposit to jump out of an airplane, I bought a shirt that says “Don’t Be A Dick”, I officially blocked a toxic number, and I get roasted daily by the little girl I watch…. So I mean, there is some excitement in my life.

In reality, things are going amazing. I’m paying off debts, I’m working on my health, I’m loving the time I spend with my people, I have upcoming vacations, and I’m just so genuinely at peace with the fact that every single thing is happening or is going to happen for me. I love knowing that life truly is so good, and I don’t ever intend to travel to rock bottom again.

Until next time…

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