April 2021 Lifestyle

Twenty-Twenty One Goals- Check-In #2

I feel like I’ve done a decent job recently at chasing the goals that I had set out for myself in the beginning of the year, and we’re closing down on month four, so it’s just about that time to go ahead and give the world a little catch up on what’s happening in Jen’s Twenty Twenty One Goals. As a reminder, my goals were as follows:

  1. Healthy Body
  2. Abundant Blessings
  3. Solid Relationships
  4. Full Bank Account
  5. Sound Mind

Healthy Body: Since the beginning of the year, I have hovered around a loss of 15 pounds. I’m currently totally content with that, and find no true need to lose weight, but I do have a goal weight in mind by my 30th birthday in September. It’s good to have that goal, but also to know that whatever happens, I’m happy with how I look and my body! I’ve been working on “movement” just cause I’m alone nearly all day long, but don’t want to always spend time at the gym… So making sure I’m doing something is important to me.

Abundant Blessings: Well, I’d call whatever I’ve got going on now, blessed. I love my job. I love my friends. I love the people in my corner. I just love my life. Not everyday is the best day, but it’s all working up to the best life.

Solid Relationships: I mean, truly, I have four incredible best friends. I’ve never even had four girlfriends before, like at the same time, and these four women are just so necessary in my life. I love them all so much. I also have found these incredible connections recently, like with my boss, with the people I’m spending time with, my family, it’s just all been really good growth with all of the people in my world.

Full Bank Account: It’s not empty. I’ve been killing the debt payoff recently, putting myself at about 50% paid off since the beginning of the year, on my credit card. After that’s paid off, the plan is to build my savings for a bit, and then start hitting my student loans hard. I’m waiting on money bag Joe to go ahead and just cancel my loans for good, so here’s to hoping!

Sound Mind: My mind is currently filled with manifestations of the perfect life, and they’re all coming true one by one. For the first time in forever, my brain doesn’t feel like my enemy, which is pretty important. Overall, I’m just happy… Just. Happy.

Hope you’re killing your goals too, friends.

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