Lifestyle May 2021

Oh, Hello Miami!

A couple months ago, my best friend Chelsie texted me asking if I wanted to have a girl’s weekend. It had been almost two years since we’d seen each other, so it was long overdue. After narrowing down to Miami, Scottsdale, and Palm Springs, we’d decided on Miami due to pricing and beachhhhhh.

We spent our whole trip primarily on South Beach, and walked nearly everywhere we went to eat and enjoy our time. We didn’t entirely realize it at first, or at least I didn’t. I figured we’d be taking multiple Ubers up to North Beach, Downtown Miami, etc. I didn’t realize that South Beach truly had everything we needed.

We stayed at Cavalier South Beach, which was perfectly located right in the middle of a “no driving” area. Each day we could walk right out of the hotel, straight onto the beach, or trek around to find coffee and breakfast. The rooms were recently updated, and while Chelsie had a mental breakdown about the doors locking, I pretty much left everything unlocked because I like danger. (Thats only a little bit of an exaggeration, I just wasn’t as safety conscious as her) The doors did lock, the rooms were fairly quiet, and the hotel was nice. I’d stay there again, absolutely. They offered free breakfast, towels for the beach, and we got a bottle of wine. Not sure if that’s normal, or they thought we were on our honeymoon, but it was a great experience!

Like I said, we spend nearly all of our time on South Beach. We ate dinner the first night at Pink Taco. My little self, didn’t realize that the entire restaurant was a sexual innuendo, but I mean the food was 10/10. Let me just put this out there, I ate nachos for every meal. No matter where we ate, it was nachos, except for the last night I ordered pizza. So, if you’re wondering “what did she eat”, it was tour-de-nachos.

We also at at Big Pink’s one day for lunch (super fun diner feel), and a couple hotel restaurants on South Beach, on the same block as our hotel. Nachos and Margs, all day, everyday.

One afternoon, we made our way to Wynnwood and planned to see the Wynnwood Walls. I refused to pay to see painted walls, so we took a look at the street art instead. So much amazing artistry, just on every single building. It’s blocks and blocks of artwork, and it’s actually incredible to see in person.

We also checked out Wynnwood Brewery, which is about three blocks from the Wynnwood Walls. Amazing beer, sweet atmosphere, and a pretty awesome Uber driver on the way back… I mean, it’s easy to Uber back to South Beach…

Unfortunately, the weather was trash. We spent a lot of time walking, we went to the south-most point in Miami, visiting a swanky hotel, checked out a lot of coffee places, ordered Diet Coke from Uber Eats twenty times a day, and really just reconnected. I’m pretty thankful for Chelsie. We’ve had about 11 years of Friendship at this point, and we can get together after a long time apart and pick up just like we did when we’d make Target runs four times a week. That’s what best friends are for. I’ve already booked a return trip, for my dirty thirty, and can not wait to get wild with my friends.

Now, I just need a man who wants to move here, cause Florida is calling my name.

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