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Let’s Talk Filler…

I think we’ve been here before… I start off by telling you about how I never thought I’d be high maintenance, but the universe has a way of creating an addiction to things that make you feel good. One of my things? Christopher Jones MD. I talk about my botox HERE & my Coolsculpting HERE. Both of these experiences were had within their downtown Indianapolis office. I’m not only super obsessed with the office, these ladies, and their practice, but I’m also becoming obsessed with how I feel leaving there.

I could not imagine myself getting botox and stoping my muscles from moving. I couldn’t imagine sitting for hours freezing fat cells, to kill them off. And I certainly, 100%, never imagined I’d be one to inject something INTO my face, to change its overall composition. Who AM I? Yet, two months ago, I sat in an office and they told me about how they were going to insert a cannula under my eyes, and pump some goodies in there. I got Voluma injected, and had under eye filler within fifteen minutes. Taylor just whipped that up, like no one’s business, and there I was, with a whole new face. (I mean, not really, but it’s how I felt when I looked at it. I felt like a Megan the Stallion song)

But, a natural one. It wasn’t that “Instagram filter” face, where it looked plastic like a Purge mask, but it was just enough to make me feel like there was a significant change in the area under my eyes. I saw my eyes brighten, under eye circles lessen, and my overall appearance just looked like it felt better. And like I always say, I go to Christopher Jones to enhance how I feel about myself. I don’t need it, I wouldn’t die without it, but it makes me feel beautiful on the inside, and feel better about my outside.

Those are my under eye filler results. Two photos taken less than an hour apart. I always hate before and afters, where there’s a clear difference of lighting, angles, and outfits, so I tried to keep as much consistency as possible. (Can we also mention, this was day two of my Bell’s palsy? Look at my poor left side starting to droop and not even knowing what was to come!)

In July, I went in for my monthly appointment and Taylor said we were doing cheek filler. For some reason, I was thinking we were doing something else, but truly Taylor could tell me I was cutting off my nose and I’d probably go with it. She explained for my cheek filler we were using Radiesse, and I was just happy to not need to insert the Cannula again because that was not my favorite experience, which I will absolutely be doing again.

It took maybe a total of four minutes, just did a few needles to the cheeks, and I was ready to go. I go back in two weeks for my botox three month follow up, so she’ll check in with the cheeks and we’ll see how they’re healing. I’d say overall pain is probably a 4/10, with botox being a 2/10. Similar to botox, since it’s essentially no prep and no recovery, you could honestly be in and out of the office in 15 minutes. I am currently in the swollen healing phase that comes a few hours after the procedure, and I kinda look like the chiseled Squidward, but I’m rocking it.

I’d recommend filler to anyone wanting to enhance their face, just a little, but still keep their natural beauty. Truly, look at my face. While the world is full of photoshop, and celebrities don’t disclose these things, remember that these procedures are so so common. How quickly I can look different… In a matter of thirty minutes, my entire face got thinner, brighter, and more awake. Don’t let JLO tell you it’s olive oil. (I mean, maybe it is, but probably not)

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I can not wait for botox!!!

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