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The Michael Phelps of Bell’s Palsy

So, I had Bell’s Palsy. For those of you who haven’t experienced it, or don’t know anyone who has, BP is when the nerve that connects your brain to your face gets pinched. That’s the easiest way to explain it. It just, doesn’t communicate with your face, so it doesn’t move. The causes of Bell’s palsy range from known causes (like stress, sinus problems, etc) to unknown causes (like, literally just cause it wants to ruin your life). I have no idea why it happened.

The first day the Bell’s palsy showed up, I thought I had an ear infection. The amount of facial pressure and ear pain was intense. It presented itself on day two, just a very slight droop on the left side of my face. My mom and my boss both thought it was sinuses. I got prescribed for an ear infection, and by bed that night, I was drooping pretty heavily. Woke up, and Bell’s palsy was living it’s best life, on MY FACE. I started panicking, thinking this was going to be here for the rest of my life, and went down the internet’s rabbit hole. My research was hours upon hours of testimonials, Tik Toks, Web MD types of articles, anything I could get my hands on, was what I wanted to read.

As my face drooped further, so did my self-confidence. I can gain weight, I can have mental health issues, I can feel however I want to, but I always had my eyes and my smile. Losing that was hard for me.

In all of my research, I found out some ways you can “help your face” heal. Which is just “to help”, because Bell’s palsy works on it’s own timeline and you can’t really take medicine or anything to just make it go away. But I said, no. Google said to do facial massages? I did them 14 times a day. Tik Tok said to take vitamin B12 & chew gum? Popped vitamins like candy, and chew three packs of gum in two days. I relied heavily on a laser quartz, that I carried everywhere with me, and I never stopped smiling. Not for a day. I pushed my face to work itself harder than I felt like it was possible. As days went on, I started healing.

Now, I know some people think that I’m crazy for acting like rocks could help heal me, but I want to tell ya’ll something… When I started realizing this was Bell’s palsy, we were in the THICK of Mercury being in retrograde. I told everyone, this was the universe punishing me. I would spend time with someone who had Bell’s palsy previously, and I’d tell him “it’s going to heal once Mercury is out of retrograde” I kid you not, the last day of retrograde my face just started healing. I manifested movement, I was leaning heavily on the universe & a loooooooot of facial massages, but I knew that it was goin away.

First, it was my mouth. I’d start getting little movement, and being able to smile wider. Then I had control over my eyebrow. Then I could move my nose. Lastly, my eyes. Once I was able to control my blinking, and more importantly my winking, I knew I was mostly healed.

After 14 days, I was 90% healed. By day 16, it was like Bell’s palsy didn’t exist for me. I have seen very few articles of people who have gotten rid of Bell’s palsy this fast. I mean, people have it for like months and months, some even for years. I was mentally preparing myself to be one of those people, just okay with not having a normal face, and simultaneously doing everything I could to make sure it wasn’t me.

It’s weird, the world throws weird things in there to try and take you down. I know it’s just Bell’s palsy, and not something super serious or life altering, like I mentioned in the blog before this, but it still is considered an illness, and I’m still considering myself *survived*. I love rocks, I love my smile, I love my life. And also, because I healed so fast, I would like everyone to know that I consider myself a gold medalist in Bell’s palsy. An Olympic Champion Facial Healer. So please address me as such.

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