July 2021 Lifestyle

45 Days Until Thirty…

First, May was an amazing month. I was just so happy, and it carried into June. June was also amazing, though half of it was riddled with Bell’s palsy, but we got past it. As I approached July, I realized how good I was at following the rules of the 75 Hard, and also realizing how shitty I’ve felt lately, living off of fast food. I realized I was sick of social media, sick of spending money online, sick of being lazy, and just sick of this underlying negativity. By no means has anything been awful, it’s just those little things that give you the “ick”, that you can control.

I turn thirty years old in just under two months… Most people approach a new decade and spend months panicking about this new world, as if starting a new chunk of life is anything other than amazing. Truly, I am approaching thirty with the craziest headspace I’ve ever been in. I have completely, 100% changed myself since hitting rock bottom in January.

So, since July 12th, I’ve been doing a few things to help me “get to my best me” before I turn 30!

It’s simple, save a little more money than I have been, be active for 30 minutes per day, eat closer to WW goals (no, I don’t need two McFlurries a day), focus on cultivating my relationships, and make sure I’m living each day with intention.

So far, so so good.

Here’s all my current goods: I’ve gotten a few pounds off on the scale. I’ve also been drinking water, and actively working to do thirty minutes of like an actual workout (not just “abs” while watching shahs of sunset..). I got filler in my cheeks and I love it so much. For the first summer since I was about 20, I’ve been spending time with my friends… Like, a lot of time. I’m dog sitting multiple houses constantly, and surrounding myself with lots of licks. (10/10 would recommend) My job allows me to go to the pool, the zoo, trampoline parks, and also work my part time job at the same time. My boss has become a best friend, and we are always spiraling together. I’m finally an official Fairbanks everywhere, fuck anything addressed to Jen Salisbury we don’t know her. I have spread my love of crystals to my non-believing best friends, but also a man, who have all been witness to seeing this immense positivity working in their lives too. I have sat outside on my deck in my hammock, and enjoyed summer nights. Which is major considering I hate being outside the most. I have redecorated my house, twice.

The best part? Not having social media, gives me no where to brag “in the moment”, so I brag to myself. I take pictures of everything, and at the end of the day, I delete unimportant ones, and filter the ones I love. I go over each day, and celebrate the moments, and laugh and recall them, and it’s really changed my entire life’s perspective.

I’m so excited to turn thirty. My twenties were a whirlwind. Marrying my first boyfriend, getting my first divorce, losing 100 lbs, gaining fifty, hovering in between. Having an eating disorder, crippling anxiety and depression. Moving five times in four years. Getting my degree, and not using it for one day. Working at the biggest radio station in the world, working at a daycare that looks like a museum, and then working on a living room floor. Believing in nothing but God, then believing whole heartedly in the universe, manifestation, signs, and crystals. Being so against weed and plastic surgery, to fighting for cannabis felons to be released & getting botox and filler. There was a lot going on in my twenties, wowza, but I am just PUMPED for my thirties. We’re about to hit my prime.

I can’t wait to see what else happens before September 13th!

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