August 2021 Lifestyle

I Deleted Social Media…

About a month ago, I spent an entire Saturday scrolling between four similar social media apps. I was seeing things from three days prior, because I was deep in the depths of pages and pages of my friends’ friends. I felt drained. I felt like thoughts of comparison were creeping into my brain. It was lame, and I was hooked with flipping between apps. I was kinda “over it”. Fast forward a couple weeks, and on a whim, while driving home from the gas station, I thought “I’m just over social media, what if I took a break?” Within about eight minutes, I was in the driveway of the house I was at, posting an ominous “goodbye” (LOL) and deleting the apps on my phone. It was a Saturday, a normal day of scrolling, and the day before the 4th of July… I decided to keep Tik Tok, for the fact that it’s never made me feel dull, uninspired, ugly, worth less (but not worthless), or hurt in any way. It’s a constantly changing media, and I’ve always enjoyed it. The rest were goners.

On the 4th of July, I spent exactly zero minutes putting my holiday on a timeline in chronological order on the internet. I slept in, hung out with my man friend, saw zero fireworks, and better? zero videos of other people’s fireworks. Loved that for me.

There are a couple random instances, where I wish I had Instagram because I thought of someone in my Kindergarten class and I wanted to see how they were doing… Or when I thought about a certain actress’ internet apology, and couldn’t reference it from their page. Of course, Google was still at my disposal, but it’s different when you can type something in and find it, on a more user friendly social media platform.

In the past two weeks, being without social media, has really made me open my eyes. Mainly because I don’t really miss it. Also, because it’s so common in our everyday lives that about fifty six times, someone has mentioned something to me, that I’ve completely missed because I never saw the posts. My daily stalks that I do, have gone away, and that’s been weird. Will I even care about their lives in September? I have not compared myself to one unrealistic body standard for weeks. Also, kind of insane? My butt has looked 100 times better in the mirror since I can’t compare it to any else’s edited images.

I’ve also noticed myself in such a better mood. I only concern myself with my own problems, and the problems of people I actually care about. I don’t get wrapped up and dragged down by the constant negativity that IS social media.

It’s interesting, because social media has been my main source of entertainment for at least 13 years. When you take away, essentially your favorite hobby and a source of income, you should act like you’re mourning a loss of a big chunk of your time. Except, I don’t really feel like I’ve lost anything. Yeah yeah, tik tok is social media and so I’m not completely unplugged… blah blah blah. And also, I know that seeing if the Doordash app has changed fives times a day, may look desperate but it’s not social media…

I’m thriving being social media free.

See you in September, first grade best friend’s ex husband’s second cousin’s celebrity crush!

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