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Manifest Your Best Life…

As the self proclaimed crystal baby, I strive every single day to make it a better day than the day before. I talk to rocks, and chant numbers into the universe, and have just become that girl. So, how can it get better? Enter, manifestation. You’ve seen the Tik Toks, you’ve seen the posts on Instagram, you see things about raising your vibration, and you constantly see these coaches telling you they can heal you, and help you “follow your dreams” for only $199. But let’s be realistic here for a second… None of that is necessary for you to achiever you best life.

So, what does that mean exactly? How can you literally have a life full of ups and more ups, and how do you handle when things are seemingly going down? I’m here to help. Or at least, I’m here to show you the road map of what I’m doing.

So I found this Youtuber…

Her name is Sammy Ingram. She’s our favorite manifestation coach. She’s basically this incredible woman on the internet that doesn’t let you be a sad bitch, and instead gives you all the tools to create your best happy bitch life. So, here I am, creating mine.

All of her information is based fairly loosely off of Neville Goddard’s style of teaching, and if you’re interested at all into manifestation and the ideas behind manifesting, based on his teachings, I’d do some research. Also, Sammy’s YouTube is free to watch, so I don’t feel like I’m pirating information by sharing what techniques I’ve learned from her videos. She does provide coaching, but it’s mostly her helping customers reach their goals. No one can manifest for you. No one can make life happen for you. Only you can do that. So, let’s do it.

Law of Attraction vs. Law of Assumption

I think the biggest thing that Sammy teaches, and the biggest take away from “traditional manifestation coaches” is Law of Attraction vs Law of Assumption. The Law of Attraction teaches that you will attract things that are meant for you. Further, you’re supposed to say the thing you want, into the universe, and then “forget” about it. This teaches that the longer it is spent in your brain, the longer it takes for it to come to you. First off, WRONG. Second off, if you really want something, like a new job, it’s nearly impossible to just “forget about it”. You chant a man’s name once, into the void of space, and then you’re just supposed to forget how it feels like the 4th of July in your chest when they kiss you? I think NOT, Law of Attraction!!

Law of Assumption is a little bit different. It’s main practice is using your mind, and living in the end, to assume that you already have the things that you want. So back to the job thing… Let’s say you want this job. Manifesting with the Law of Assumption is saying things like “I have my dream job” and visualizing, or writing, or saying, or just THINKING about the thing you want, as if you already have it! How fucking awesome is that? And it WORKS. You have a millions thoughts every single day, make them think about the life that you want, and act like you already have it. Essentially, it’s heavy day dreaming, but always acting like it’s already your life, and not wishing it was your life.

Birds Before Land

Birds before land is a weird concept. Basically, it means that before your manifestation comes to fruition, you’ll see your “almost” manifestation. You’ll see someone else get the car you want, or get a boyfriend. Or a girl you used to like, starts hitting you up, but not the one you currently want to be texting you. Little things that show you, what you want to see, but not exactly what you want, that’s birds before land. It’s essentially the universe saying “we’re almost there, keep manifesting, hold on”. Weird, but cool.

Self Concept Over Everything

This one is pretty easy to explain, but literally the hardest thing to put into action. Self concept is exactly as it sounds. It’s how you see yourself. And how you see yourself, is how the world sees you. So if you think you are literally the hottest human on the planet earth, you will literally be approached as such. If you think you’re just a shy loser, who people ignore, and you carry yourself that way, it’s how you will be seen and treated. It’s hard to change the way you see yourself, and even harder to act on it. I get that it’s hard to be like “oh, yeah, I’m totally emitting Megan Fox vibes”, and believe it, but once you do, everyone else does too. I stopped believing there was anything wrong with my body, and then, weirdly, every single man saw nothing wrong with my body… I told myself I have the brightest eyes, and my smile after Bell’s palsy is even more beautiful, and I’ve literally seen that in my own face lately. Hard. Super hard. But worth the manifestation.

Everyone Is You Pushed Out

Very much like self concept, everyone is you pushed out is heavily rooted in how you feel about that person, is who that person will be. Just like how you feel about you, is how you’re perceived, how you feel about them, is how they’ll be. You are thinking they’re too busy for you? Bitch, they will be. (LOL @ my life) You think they won’t love you? They never will. You gotta switch the mindset to “I’m always on their mind, and they love me”, and watch what happens. Again, bananas, weird, wild, but works…

Is It Working?

If you feel like you’re manifesting, and no progress is being made, there could be two main reasons why. 1. The universe just isn’t ready quite yet. Just because you’ve said “He loves me” 1,400 times, doesn’t mean it’s going to happen on 1,401. If you stick to your manifestations, live in the law of assumption, and think hard about positive self concept… It’s going to happen. 2. You just can’t see it in the 3D. This is saying that everything you manifest, works behind the scenes, before you see it in the real world. Also, the 3D, this world that we live in, is delayed. That means, in order for us to see these things in real life, we gotta wait a little while for it to come to us. You wanna be a millionaire? Keep saying it, it’s coming to you.

So that’s the “basics” of manifestation. When I started this blog, it was May. I was really heavy on manifesting. I can tell you, I was not as disciplined as I should have been, but I was working hard to try and “master” manifestation. I did it for hours a day. HOURS of just trying to change how I felt about my self, through telling myself who I was and creating the world I lived in. It’s end of July, as I finish writing this. My manifestations have shifted a little bit. I don’t do a lot of repetitions, but I do manifest heavily in viewing my manifestations in my head. I felt like I wasn’t relying heavily enough on crystals and the universe, so I backed away from traditional manifestation techniques, and now I combine one million things in my life that helps connect me to the universe, and ultimately the source.

Interesting, right?

Here is a link to Sammy’s Youtube Page. Everything I’ve learned is from her. She provides tons of free resources and does NO gatekeeping. She’s incredible.

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