She’s “The New Jen”…

I’m Thirty! Flirty! Thriving! (minus Flirty)

As I type this, it’s Sunday. Personally, my favorite day of the year, the first Sunday of the football season. Daisy ate a Reeses Peanut Butter Cup, and my boyfriend is inside the crate talking about her life decisions with her. I am fairly certain that I can smell dog pee, which is normal, I’m always convinced my dogs are ruining my apartment. Speaking of my apartment, tomorrow (today when it’s posted) is my birthday! I’m spending it deep cleaning the apartment, by choice. Guys, this is so on brand. I wish I’d write a book about how weird I am.

I’ve decided I’m chronicling the entire year of thirty for myself, in a journal, that will go everywhere with me. I want to be able to be in this spot in 365 days, and read through my fitness, relationship, vacations, budget, and everything that a thirty year old woman, in a new relationship, with the best friends, but normal struggles goes through, in her first year of a new decade. I’m convinced it’s going to be my first New York Times best seller. “Entertaining Thirty: The First Year Of Your Prime” My second will be “The Girl Who Gets Everything She Wants, Even Though She’s Divorced, Obese & Hungry”.

I really do think I should start working on a book though. My life, specifically my twenties, has been pretty wild. (I mean, see previous goodbye to my twenties blog) As we take that major leap into my prime, a new decade, and a whole bunch of new adventures (and like thank you calendar, for having my birthday on a Monday, my virgo heart is thankful), I want to talk about a few things I want to do in my Year of Thirty.

This year I want to focus on building and commitment. My boyfriend already has a heavy fitness commitment, and he’s been training me recently. I want to build that same commitment, one I had ten years ago. I want to build my bank account, by committing to extra jobs, be it- Doordash or dog sitting. I want to spend time building on a relationship that I was made for. I see his changes. (Oh my Gaaawd a Leopard doesn’t change it’s spots. A leopard may not, but a Leonard sure does…) So I’m committed to building that together.

I also want to work on committing to myself. A weekly self-care activity (nails, tan, massage, botox, facial) is going to be mandatory, and I plan to continue forever. That way, family, kids, marriage, work, all takes a pause so I can be with myself. Women lose theirselves in their lives, and I don’t want to do that. I want to read fifteen books, learn a new skill, get dressed for “work” three times a week, take vitamins, wash my face twice a day, and not get pregnant.

I just want to continue to build on the life I fell in love with this summer. Cause, it’s so good, and I’m so happy.

Happy Birthday To Me & Let’s KILL this year of THIRTY!

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