The Ultimate Christmas List For 2021

We’ve all been here before. It’s the holidays and we’re gearing up for every single Instagram blogger to share her “swipe ups” and “on the blog”, and I understand how annoying it is. Here’s the thing, when you guys use my Amazon link, it helps to pay my rent. So, me pushing this list to you repeatedly, is only in hopes that I’ll spark an idea inside of you, and you’ll find things on my lists that you want to purchase. (every time you visit I make $$$. So I always appreciate it!)

But what I’m not going to do, is be “the blogger” this year. I don’t want a blog for the man in your life, for your mom, you kids, etc etc, and the next thing you know, we’re knees deep in blog posts and you can’t remember which blonde Texas mom suggested such and such baby doll and now you’ve ruined Christmas.

This year, we’re going big or going home. I’ve created the ultimate list, the list you refer to when you draw your 8 year old nephew and 67 year old aunt in the same gift exchange. When you don’t know what to get for your boss, for your brother, or your sister in law. This list has it all.

To view my Christmas List CLICK HERE!

Also, please note that while I may throw together a decorations or stocking stuffer list, this will be my only Christmas shopping blog! Check back often to see what other gifts are added to the list!

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