About Jen Fairbanks

Hi, I’m Jen. 

This page is supposed to give you a quick overview of who I am as a person, but it can’t. I used to have this real kick ass autobiography on here, and I hated it. Not because my writing sucked (it didn’t), but because summing myself up doesn’t make any sense. This whole entire website does that, it’s me in a nutshell. …Or me on a web page? This site is filled with my episodes of hypochondria, relationship problems, addiction to Diet Coke and nachos, and my love of crying over pretty much everything. I like to tell you when I can’t button my pants and when I’m worried about my dogs dying because they ate the drywall by the window… again. You’re going to scroll through this blog, and be thoroughly entertained. I know, because I lived it, and I’m just sitting on this mountain of gold waiting for Bravo to pick me up for a television show. Welcome to the party.